Walking and
working together.





Edible Reconciliation is a new Supply Nation registered business aiming to become a national leader in the Native Australian Food Sector, helping Australian Indigenous communities to grow stronger.

Committed to supporting Indigenous individuals, businesses and communities, the team at Edible Reconciliation are highly proficient in the native horticultural and value-added food sectors. 

We also offer a range of native inspired healthy meal and catering solutions and products under our proudly Indigenous brand and can develop cost-effective bespoke food products suitable for many sectors of the food industry.

If you’d like to join us in the native food supply sector, contribute to the development of Indigenous communities - simply click on one of the links below.

About us

Edible Reconciliation is a proud partnership between Dominic Smith and Andrew Fielke – two Australians “walking and working together” to help grow the Native foods industry and share it with the world.


Using their combined skillsets, Dominic – a leader in Native plant horticulture and aquaponics, and Andrew – a renowned ‘Bush Tucker’ chef, each share a dream to make Native Australian foods an integral part of a modern diet for all Australians – leveraging their unique flavours, nutritional qualities and economic benefits.

In the process, they aim to help create not just jobs but valuable career opportunities within Indigenous communities across Australia.

Edible Reconciliation, by its very name, is committed to “bridging the gap” – improving the health and economic outcomes especially of our Indigenous communities and in fact, all Australians through the re-introduction of a native foods into a daily diet.

We’re also passionate about sharing knowledge from the world’s oldest living culture and celebrating the multiple benefits of a uniquely Native Australian cuisine.



“Food is a pathway
to reconciliation”

“Food is a
pathway to

Partner profile – Dominic Smith

Aboriginal man, Dominic Smith, has been operating Pundi Produce aquaponics and agribusiness on his land at Monash, SA since 2014.

The seven-hectare farm produces seasonal herbs and vegetables along with natives such as warrigal, rivermint, saltbush, sea parsley, bush tomato and wattle seed.

Pundi Produce is Supply Nation registered, has a certificate in conservation and land management, and has developed a wealth of knowledge about growing native products.

Dominic’s innovative Aquaponics system uses less water, land and labour than traditional agriculture and doesn’t rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides.

With this proud heritage, Dominic wants to create employment opportunities for Indigenous people in the native food sector buy building a horticultural support and training network for indigenous youth that connects to culture and leads to ultimately owning their own farms.

Dominic’s goal is to continue to expand his range of Australian native edible plants and believes his partnership with Andrew will help greatly accelerate demand for raw native ingredients, connecting Indigenous culture and land together.

Partner profile – Andrew Fielke

Andrew Fielke established Creative Native Food Service Solutions in 2001 after a stellar career in the restaurant industry and continues his pioneering work in the evolution of a modern Native Australian Cuisine. 

The author of an extensive native food cookbook – ‘Australia’s Creative Native Foods’, Andrew has been sourcing and cooking with these unique ingredients since 1985 and supplies quality ingredients and value-added products to the hospitality and tourism sectors, food service industry and retail outlets.

The Creative Native Food Service (CNFS) mission for the last 20 years has been to bring native flavours to the forefront of Australia’s food culture, supplying only the best quality native food produce and value-added products to both the industry and public through his website, warehouse and retail shop.

Offering Australia’s most comprehensive range of quality raw and processed native products, clients include Qantas, ‘The Ghan/Indian Pacific’ trains, Voyages Indigenous Hotel Group and an extensive list of Australia’s top restaurants.

Andrew is also passionate about education, targeting schools Australia wide.

How we work

Edible Reconciliation exists to help create jobs and achieve fair returns to growers and harvesters, expanding the number of indigenous growers, and helping them reconnect to their food, culture and stories in an economically sustainable way.

As experts in the value-adding and distribution sectors, we aim to faithfully represent our growing group of Indigenous Supply partners by distributing their raw produce and products nationally, and to export markets. Our focus is to add value to community produce from all over Australia – under our brand, or under new local and regional brands:

SOURCE Native food ingredients, where possible, from Indigenous-owned growers, or ‘contract grow’ (sponsor) in the appropriate regions.

ENCOURAGE ethical and environmentally sustainable growing practices.

RECONNECT both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians to the vast benefits of Native foods, via a range of nutritious, balanced, affordable, pre-packaged, and culturally connected meal solutions

STIMULATE further demand for native Australian foods via ongoing corporate and retail product development.

DISTRIBUTE all Edible Reconciliation, Creative Native, Tuckeroo, and Pundi Produce branded product via our majority indigenous owned business, based in Adelaide.

CONSULT with new Growing and cultural businesses seeking assistance.

When we share Australian
native foods, we are also
connecting cultures.

SUPPORT other parties interested in our growing and business practices.

DONATE back to community – Edible Reconciliation, in future successful projects, will donate royalties from the sale of products via the Creative Native Indigenous Food Fund’, where a committee of prominent Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people will award grants to worthy Indigenous projects, building capacity in the Native food supply chain.


Wholesale and Retail product and Industrial Ingredient enquiries:

Edible Reconciliation Warehouse (at Creative Native Foods): 75a Orsmond Street Hindmarsh SA 5007
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30 – 4:30pm (ACST)
Mobile: 0412 109 003
Email: andrew@ediblereconciliation.com.au

Farm and grower partner enquiries:

Pundi produce: 71 Crossing Road Monash SA 5342
Mobile: 0498 523 200
Email: dominic@ediblereconciliation.com.au

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Edible Reconciliation acknowledge the Kaurna as Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate our warehouse and the Meru as Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate our farm. We recognise and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

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